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  • Follow us…..

    Follow us…..

    To better communicate with our families, we have 2 new apps.  Both apps are free in the app stores.

    If you signed the NO PICTURE FORM, and we accidentally included your child, please email Ms. Noel (jnoel@ebrschools.org) and the picture will be immediately removed.  We have a list of students, but we may accidentally make  a mistake.

    Follow SMAMS on Instagram.  See pictures of all the fun things that happen at school.  We are still in the process of uploading all of the pictures from this school year, but start looking for your children in the pictures.  We think the students will enjoy it a lot.

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    Follow SMAMS on Twitter.  We will use this in addition to our App and website to make sure our parents get information quickly about our school.

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