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  • From the PTO…..

    From the PTO…..

    We need your support THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd.
    The school board has received a proposed list of schools to be renovated and rebuilt under the upcoming tax plan. This list will be voted on at the school board meeting on Thursday, February 22nd. Please show up and show your support for our school!
    You can also copy and paste this list of school board members into an email and voice your support for SMAMS:
    Why does SMAMS need a new building and not a temporary solution?

    • SMAMS is an outdated facility built in 1967, 50 years old!
    • Technology advances have been a challenge. WIFI access is limited.  Cellular service is non-existent in most areas of the building. This is a safety issue and a danger.
    • Additional classrooms are needed.  During the 1980’s, four regular sized classrooms were each divided in two in order to accommodate smaller gifted classrooms.  When the gifted program was removed, these half-sized classrooms were not returned to their original size.  Today as many as 27+ students are crammed into these small spaces.
    • The band room has many roof leaks which causes falling ceiling tiles, and the perfect habitat for mold growth.
    • There is no space for the fine arts classes.  The dance classes meet in the commons area. The orchestra squeezes into a regular classroom, with limited space for instrument storage.
    • There is no auditorium and the gym has no stage for drama and music productions.  The gym does not have the acoustics for student productions and therefore they must be held off-site.
    • The science classrooms are outdated.  Many of the lab stations are unusable.  Many have no water or instruments to conduct experiments.
    • The library is in the center of the building and does not have a ceiling; it is open concept.  During class changes, the noise level in the hallways interferes with library and computer classes/activities.
    • The school’s main office is not at the school’s entrance. Visitors have to travel through the campus before arriving at the office.  Although some security cameras were installed several years ago in response to school shooting incidents around the country, the cameras are frequently out of order, do not adequately cover a campus of this size, and the visual display is poor quality when they do work.
    • The bathrooms need updating.  There is no hot water in any student or staff restrooms.
    • On November 4, our school suffered a minor electrical fire.  We have no water sprinklers.  The entire fire protection system needs to be updated and brought up to code.
    • Our outside building is accessed through flooded roads when raining.  There are 5 large classes that meet in the back building which is only accessed through the flooded road and used by the parents of Audubon Elementary for carpool purposes.  This back building also poses security concerns.

    Why is it so important that Sherwood be at the top of the list?

    • Sherwood Middle School has been the highest performing middle school in the district for the last 12 years, a fact that is a source of pride for our community.  Sherwood should be a draw for new families moving to the area.  However, the facilities do not reflect the amazing things happening within its walls. The best way for EBR Schools to compete with the growing number of charter schools and private schools and to the combat the inevitable breakaway school district campaign is to make magnets school more available to area residents. SMAMS has a proven track record of delivering results – it only makes sense to grow SMAMS!

    Mere improvements/renovations to the existing structure (vs. a new facility) would merely be a band-aid solution.

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